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2020-2022 Suzuki V-strom 1050XT lowering kit

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Lowering kits for 2020 -2022 Suzuki V-storm 1050 and 1050XT now in stock! 1.2"inch / 30mm lowering.

Suzuki V-strom 1050XT lowering kit lowers the suspension and reduces the seat and ride height of the bike. Shorter riders will reach the ground better. Gain confidence and comfort by fitting a lowering kit on your V-strom 1050. Fitting a lowering kit to the Suzuki 1050XT V-strom will increase the bikes stability and improve rear wheel traction "grip". Lust Racing suspension lowering links are precision manufactured out of roll forged steel. The LUST Racing Suzuki V-strom 1050 lowering kit comes finished in black EDP powder coating with Lust Racing logo in chrome and red. Model specific installation instruction included. New in manufacturers sealed sales packaging.


Will fit Suzuki V-strom 1050 X year models 2020, 2021 and 2022

Models 1050X , 1050XT, 1050XA


LUST Racing Suzuki V-strom 1050 / 1050XT 2020-2022 lowering kit 30mm 1.2"in