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2019-2024 Honda CB650R lowering kit

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Lowering kit for Honda CB650R year models 2019 to 2024. Lowering kit of spring retainer type. Will fit Honda CB650R year models 2019-2024. Supplied with detailed installation instructions. Installation of this kit requires coil spring clamps or a professional rear shock coil spring compressor. Will fit CB650R and CB650R E CLUTCH versions.

We recommend installation by a professional,  or experienced home mechanic with the correct tools. 

High quality lowering kit made in stainless steel, powder coated, color black. LUST Racing logo in red and silver chrome. Made in United Kingdom.

This lowering kit will fit

  • Honda CB650R 2019
  • Honda CB650R 2020
  • Honda CB650R 2021
  • Honda CB650R 2022
  • Honda CB650R 2023
  • Honda CB650R 2024
  • Honda CB650R 2024 E CLUTCH