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1989-1994 Yamaha FZR 600 3HE Genesis Jack Up Kit, 20mm / 0.8" Inches Increase

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Rear suspension jack up kit for Yamaha FZR 600 3HE Genesis by Lust Racing. Installing a jack up kit will make the handling sportier with quicker steering response. The increased ride height will allow larger lean angles. Excellent modification for taller riders and track-day use. Raises the rears suspension and increases the seat height. Will fit Yamaha FZR 600 3HE Genesis, 1989-1994. Raises the suspension and seat height by 20mm / 0.8" inches. This jack up kit replaces the suspension linkage in the rear suspension with new raising ones. Roll forged steel, finished in black powder coating with LUST racing logo in silver chrome and red.
Made in United Kingdom.
Model specific installation instruction included.