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2019-2023 Kawasaki Z400 Lowering Kit 25mm 1 in

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Lowering kit for Kawasaki Z400, 2019-2023 by Lust Racing.
Reduce the seat height on your Kawasaki Z400 with a suspension lowering kit from LUST Racing. Excellent modification for shorter riders.
The suspension links in the lowering kit replace the stock suspension links in the rear shock suspension and reduces the seat height by approximately 25mm / 1"inch.
Made in United Kingdom

LUST Racing Kawasaki Z400 lowering kit will fit:

  • Kawasaki Z400 / Z400 ABS 2019
  • Kawasaki Z400 / Z400 ABS 2020
  • Kawasaki Z400 / Z400 ABS 2021
  • Kawasaki Z400 / Z400 ABS 2022
  • Kawasaki Z400 / Z400 ABS 2023