NOTE on ESTIMATED DHL Express delivery charges

We show an estimated delivery charge for DHL Express Worldwide in our check out process. In most cases the estimate is correct,

DO HOWEVER NOTICE,  DHL may charge additional fees based on you location in addition to the normal "Transportation Charge"  

additional charges can be:

1) "Fuel Surcharge"

2) "Remote Area Charge"

3) "Emergency Situation"

These charges can MORE THAN DOUBLE, DHL's initial estimates!

As a result, we reserve the right to require additional payment if your delivery address is in an area where additional charges apply.

Alternatively you can revert to normal postage (DHL initial estimate minus postal charge to your localtion difference will be refunded ) , or you may cancel your order.

DHL - additional costs may apply

Above an screencap showing DHL's estimated Transport cost of  £ 22.03 GBP inflated by DHL to more than twice the intital estimate. Final £ 45.56 GBP.

We are very sorry, every time we have to ask for an additional charge on DHL express estimated delivery costs, but we feel it is better that we ask for additional charge only when such is applied by DHL, rather than charging these extra charges from every customer.

Thank you for your understanding!


PS! Our normal postal charges are correct and will not change.